How To Get More Testosterone & Better Sex Drive

In layman’s language, testosterone is commonly referred as the “male hormone”. It is a hormone produce in the testes of male animals. A small amount is produced in the adrenal glands. The functions of testosterone include encouraging the development of male sexual characteristics; stimulate the activity of male secondary characteristics.

Scientists also state that testosterone prevents the changes in sexual characteristics of a male animal in case of castration. In sexual development, testosterone facilitates the development of male sex reproductive organs before birth and it causes the development of secondary male characteristics such as enlargement of sex organs during puberty. In male sexuality, testosterone facilitates sex drive, sperm production, fends off impotence and erectile dysfunction among other sex-related issues thereby playing role that determine male fertility.

Testosterone leads to the development of male traits and manliness such as the development of a beard and a deep voice. In addition, it leads to males acquiring high bones mass and strengthens the muscles tones issues that set males apart from females. Testosterone also influences male traits such as aggressiveness in addition to stimulating the growth of body and facial hair.

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According to scientists, high levels of testosterone promote good health in men by for instance lowering the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. Other subtle ways in which testosterone supports male sexuality is in the production of red blood cells to carry more oxygen especially during sexual activity. As such, many men would want to how to get more testosterone.

Many men who face testosterone deficiency suffer from a condition called hypogonadism or “low T”. Medical professionals recommend several basic practices to increase testosterone in men. Engaging in these activities is critical for men as they age since the levels of the critical hormone decrease with age. The first way is to get good or adequate sleep. A research showed that adequate sleep significantly increases testosterone among young men.

Secondly, losing excess weight proposes an increase for testosterone that the body produces. Overweight middle-aged men suffering from diabetes are the worst affected and therefore losing weight is a great way to increase testosterone. The third way on how to get more testosterone is to get enough zinc. Zinc is abundant in nuts, beans, lobsters, crabs and whole grains and men who take such foods have higher testosterone levels. Moreover, men should lower their sugar intake in order to increase their production of testosterone. In place of sugar, men should take a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the above, men should also engage in exercise in order to increase their testosterone levels. Exercise stimulates the brain chemicals, which help men to feel happier and more confident. Exercise has the effects of aiding men to seep better, while boosting endurance and energy. When a man has difficulties in increasing their testosterone even after doing the above state things without realizing an improvement of their sexuality, they can seek further medical attention since low testosterone may indicate a big medical problem such as diabetes.

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